Octobots 9084

Santa Barbara, California

Octobots Robotics, Team 9084, is a second-year FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team based in Goleta, California. With the Octobots, high school students can gain valuable engineering experience by completing hands-on tasks with mentors and student leaders in order to build a competition-ready robot for the year’s game. Students have the ability to choose their focus on the team, from CAD, code, wiring, assembling, business, or other fields to help the team’s success.

In our first year, the Octobots won the Rookie All-Star Award and Innovations in Controls Award and made it all the way to the World Championship Competition in Houston, where we won the Highest Seed Rookie Award in our division.

During our Off-Season (Sept-Dec), we meet Mondays from 6-9pm in the front and back of woodshop at Dos Pueblos High School. Scroll to the end of the page to view the map.

During our Build-Season (Jan-May), we meet up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6-9pm and Saturdays from 10am-6pm. During this time we are designing, coding, assembling and practicing with a new robot for the year before competing in Regional events with teams from California and visitors from around the world.

The Octobots celebrating the Rookie All-Star and Finalist Awards at our first-ever competition!
A recap video of the team’s trip to the World Championship Competition in Houston (our 3rd competition ever) back in April, with our 2023 Robot “Aluminati” that Octobots students designed, programmed, and machined from scratch in 8 weeks.


  • To engage and inspire students to become science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs and competitions that build business, science, engineering, and technology skills.
  • All members of Team Octobots are deeply involved in the design, fabrication, assembly, programming, and presentation of our robots. This provides relevant, hands-on engineering experience. In addition, Team Octobots students are responsible for the business operations entailed in building a robot, including logistics, fundraising, legal work, finance, and purchasing supplies. Members of our team have the rare experience of running a corporation as high school students, giving them the skills needed to succeed in other future business ventures.
  • To promote STEM education in the community. Some of our students have already volunteered by presenting and demonstrating our robot to local schools and community fairs.

The Octobots drive team at the Ventura Regional competition


Octobots was formed in the summer of 2022 after the leader of the only FRC team in Southern Santa Barbara County, Riviera Robotics, announced they were going on hiatus and not competing for ongoing FRC seasons. A small group of five students and two mentors remaining from that team organized over the summer to form a new team, to continue providing FRC opportunities for both experienced and new team members on the south coast.


Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta has welcomed this new team and is provided the use of a classroom and workshop space for us to operate. Our new faculty advisors are looking forward to learning how to best support and grow a new FRC team on their campus.

Note that Octobots Robotics is not affiliated with the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy. The DPEA is an excellent, admission-based 4-year program with dedicated facilities in support of its mission. The Octobots’ goal is to provide additional STEM opportunities for all students interested in FRC robotics. We are actively raising funds to purchase our own tooling, equipment, and supplies to be successful for the 2024 season starting in January. 

CAD team members are hard at work in our build season.

Community outreach led by Octobots students, presenting at local schools


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The Blue Alliance is an FRC hub of videos of old matches and a place to watch our matches live.


Map of Dos Pueblos High School and Octobots meeting locations

Octobots Robotics FEIN #: 88-2617875